making an impression on election day

i voted today in a church building.  big, beautiful facility.  i lusted.

as i was standing in line, i observed my surroundings and it wasn’t very hard to imagine what their meetings are like.  from the art on the wall, to the audio setup, to the arrangement of the chairs: one can kinda’ get a vibe about the life of a church from being in their building.

then i had a crazy thought…

i wonder why we don’t advertise on election day?  i mean, we have all these strangers parking in our parking lots, walking through our doors, and waiting (waiting and waiting) in our meeting areas.  shouldn’t we be communicating how “with it” we are? shouldn’t we find a way to express how open and accepting we are?  isn’t there some way to make an impression?

think about it…

we could have the band play smoking hot worship while people are voting.

we could put up posters that say, “we’re different from all the other churches.  no, really.”

we could play the video of that one time our pastor was preaching and it wasn’t too boring.

what if we made communion available in the voting booths?

more posters: “have you voted…for jesus?”

we could bring in sweet old ladies to make conversation with people while they are standing in line…perhaps even serve muffins.

another poster: “we’re all about you–when did you last come to church and they didn’t ask for an offering?”

we could separate the people in line into groups of 3 and hand out small group study guides.

we could change the lighting every few minutes to demonstrate all our different “worship moods.”

we could have a poster that says, “ch_ _ ch.  what’s missing?  nothing…we’ve got it all!”

man!  if we implemented some of these ideas, you know that most of those voters would be leaving their stale, boring churches and flocking into our exciting, relevant churches!

come to think of it, i know pastors who have probably already thought of advertising on election day.




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