worship like a child

my son sent me a video yesterday.

the setting was obviously an outdoor shopping area, and it seems that he and my grandchildren (4-year old emma and 1-year old rigley) were waiting for wife/mother.  at my son’s suggestion, emma began to dance and the video ensued.

it’s kinda’ hard to describe accurately, but emma plunged into this furious amalgamation of ballet + gymnastics + break dancing + booty shaking hula-hoop-without-the-hoop. she finished her frolic with  a grand flourish (one of those forward lunge, hand extended palm upward things, like sammy davis jr at the end of a tap routine, with an emphatic “ta-da!”).

of course it was funny (her little brother can be heard on the video giggling wildly), but what captivated me was emma’s complete lack of inhibition.  wasn’t she worried about this people looking on?  didn’t she think passersby might think her foolish?  apparently not.  she seemed to be caught up in the sheer joy of the moment.

and i thought to myself, “when did i lose that?  when did i become so tentative?”

i think god would be pleased if i would dance before him from time-to-time.  you know, just throw myself into a spontaneous display of glee over my connection with him.  i’m not suggesting it should be done in public, or that i would be able to muster emma’s energy (and certainly not her flexibility, sad to say), but i’m pretty sure the lord would be pleased if i would just worship him like crazy a whole lot more than i do.

i think of king david in 2 samuel when he led the procession as the ark was being returned to jerusalem.  scripture says david “danced before the lord with all his might.” david’s demonstration must have been rather unsophisticated, because his wife was totally humiliated.  she confronted him when he got home for being “vulgar.”  david responded, “I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.” (2 samuel 6:22)  i can’t help but believe that god was delighted with david’s complete lack of self-consciousness.

maybe that’s why jesus said we need to come to him like little children.




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