what if obama is the antichrist?

in my church on sunday we read this…

There is no authority except that which God has established. (romans 13:1b)

when i first saw that i thought to myself, “that must be a typo.”  so paul (with startling discernment, i might add) goes on to repeat himself…

The authorities that exist have been established by God. (romans 13:1c)

that whole concept is a little hard to deal with, so i tried to figure out an alternate interpretation.  ummm, no.  and if that weren’t enough, paul embellishes thusly…

Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities…he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted,   and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.  (romans 13:1a, 2)

i gotta admit, while i’m reading this i’m not liking it one bit (and i think everyone in the congregation was just as squirmy as i was).  i mean, our government is the best in the world and it is broken–utterly and completely.  and god is telling us that he himself set it up and put it in place?

and, remember, paul’s audience was dealing with that nero guy.

so now i’m trying to reconcile the pictures i’ve seen of the angry evangelicals who are determined to overthrow the government and “set things right.”  they apparently think that by throwing out all the politicians who refuse to see things their way, and electing leaders who share their values, then america will finally be a nation that pleases god.

but doesn’t romans 13 say that all governments are established by god, even the current one?  and if the current government is truly instituted by god, did he mess up?  was god horrified when barney frank and harry reid and charles rangel got elected?

and what if this is exactly what god had in mind?

is there some way we (the church) can stand up for what we believe and still submit?  it seems to me that the hostility (especially when coupled with arrogance) is the same as rebelling against what God has instituted.  I not saying that the church should withdraw from the process, but can we do the right thing more quietly? (1 timothy 2:1-2)

i mean, if jesus loves nancy pelosi, shouldn’t we?




3 thoughts on “what if obama is the antichrist?

  1. Good questions, Randy. I assume you already have your answer, and that this is a rhetorical question, but I will offer my perspective anyway.

    God has his plan for perfect government and the type people necessary to administer that government. Men have their own ideas of governments and the type people necessary to administer those governments.

    God has an overall plan for his creation and the way it will come to completion. However, He put humans, through our free will, in charge of (and made us accountable for) the current operation of that creation. We can either conform to God’s plan, or go a different way.

    God can and will (to a certain extent) manipulate people and events to bring about His intermediate and end results, but never against the will of the people involved in current events. What people allow, God allows; until it comes time for His end result. Nations follow the majority philosophy of the people in those nations. The people who are most able to influence the philosophy of a nation (culture) are the ones who direct that philosophy and city, state, nation, etc.

    We, personally, decide which philosophy we will form or follow. Our choices have an effect on our current situation, but also influence our position in the determinations God makes that have to do with our eternity.

    In the day of the Exodus, God used Pharaoh; but not against his will. God had a plan, and Pharaoh had the ‘character’ and personality necessary to fulfill the counterpoint to God’s plan. God placed Pharaoh in position, but he didn’t make Pharaoh be the way he was. God’s plan was to bless Israel. Pharaoh and Egypt could go along with that plan, or suffer the consequences. The people of Egypt suffered because they allowed Pharaoh to rule the nation.

    To our advantage, we follow the dictates of established government to the best of our ability, but not to the extent of going against God’s directives. We must continue to uphold God’s standards, and advocate for leaders who will (or we think they will) work to uphold those standards.

    Unfortunately, at the present time, the (distributed) consent of the governed in the United States has tilted toward evil, therefore we have many evil people in position to bring evil upon this land and population. I personally believe that is why our weather is acting in severe ways (Ps.106:34-43) and we are cascading toward a communist form of government.

    So – what do you think?

    • what i think is, you are much deeper than me. all thought-provoking points, woody, and well presented.

      my main point, of course, is that we (the church) are doing the kingdom a disservice by 1.) irrevocably linking faith and politics, and 2.) being so dogmatic and vitriolic. i think we can (and should) be gentle and compassionate in our civic dealings.

  2. Hi Randy. I must admit that you have opened up a subject that is vast, and a simple comment is not likely to make a dent in it. I want to resist preaching a sermon, so I will only approach a couple of points that may help alleviate some of your ‘concerns’ about going against God’s will by going against the people who are in positions of authority in our country, but I am willing to delve deeper into any particular thing if you wish.

    I believe you are approaching this subject from a wrong perspective. From what you said, I assume you gained that perspective from what you have heard in church.

    First – God never approves or sets-up evil. He may appropriately use an evil that already exists (as in using Babylon, and other pagan nations, to punish Israel in their times of rebellion against God), but he never forms, makes, establishes evil. Whatsoever is good comes from God, whatsoever is bad comes from the ‘devil’.

    Romans 13:1, in using the word “authority” (KJV “power”), it is talking about God establishing the ‘structures’ of authority in human civilization, not necessarily the people in those ‘positions’ of authority. If we (as a nation) follow God’s guidelines, we will elect (elevate to positions of civil authority) people who will do good for all people (and thus the nation) with that authority. If we do not, we, as a whole, will suffer the consequences: as the people and nation of Israel did – and does.

    As far as Obama, Reid, Palosi, Frank, Rangel, etc. are concerned; we, as a people, elected them and……

    I agree that there is a lot of vitriol that should be done away with, but the liberals have nothing else to work with, and the conservatives are so from Righteousness that they have lost track of the wisdom they have been given access to through the Holy Spirit.

    There is a time for peace and a time for war. We are always in philosophical war with the enemy of Righteousness, but now is a time for political “war”. We must love the souls of our enemies, as Christ instructed us; but that does not mean we must love their ‘ideals’ and strategies. We are instructed to “fight against” the bastions of evil. That involves saying things the enemy does not like to hear – and to keep on saying them.

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