garrison keillor on parenting

one more nugget of wisdom from garrison keillor as guy noir…

Poor kids.  They’d talked their parents into fronting the dough for art school so the kiddos could prolong adolescence a few more years.  That’s what MFA means.  My Fascinating Adolescence.  It’s the Montessori generation, so everybody wins a blue ribbon, everyone’s ideas are valid, everyone is on a journey, we’re all talented, all roads lead to Art.  The girls dress like streetwalkers and the boys like drug dealers, and they adopt the slang of the black underworld, which they have no firsthand knowledge of, and they’re okay with that.  They’re okay with not knowing much of anything.  I envy them that.  They had Ritalin and Prozac to smooth out the rough spots, and now they sit drinking expensive warmed milk and building elaborate shrines to themselves on Facebook as they try to live creative lives and be free and do good in the world, which is why we need Mexicans to sneak across the border and mow our lawns and clean our toilets — so the kids can sit around looking in a mirror and feeling like artists, though none of them can so much as draw a pink petunia in a plaster pot.

hilarious, and dangerously close to being non-fiction.




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