garrison keillor on social media

i love garrison keillor.  he is much more than a simple author/entertainer, he is anthropologist cum philosopher.

and he is funny.

in his latest book, “guy noir and the straight skinny,” the brilliant keillor endorses the brilliant me when he echoes my views of the corrosive nature of social media on the youth of america.  to wit…

I walked into the dim and cavernous Brew Ha Ha coffee shop…Twenty or thirty students sat typing at their laptops , texting on cell phones, talking their odd jittery talk — “So, she was like, Huh?  And he goes like, Whatever.  And I’m like, No way.  And she’s like, Way.”  Kids with baggy low-slung pants and backward baseball caps and active vocabularies of about five hundred words.  A generation of the Ten-second Glance, the Snack, the Quick Read, the Sound Bite, the Tweet.  Everything snappy and quippy.  No tolerance for the ponderous and pretentious.  I like that.  Lots in code.  “OMG.  LOL.  LMAO.  WTF.”  You’re either “awesome” or “gross.” Either “cool” or “total loser.”  I don’t claim to be awesome, but for the right woman I would make an effort in that direction.  Especially a girl who is laughing her ass off.


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