would jesus sport a jesus fish?

while i’ve touched on the subject in the past, i am freshly reminded of the potential harm done by “christian bumper stickers.”  it is plain to see (and research affirms) that there is a massive chasm between us (the church) and the culture we are commissioned to reach–and it grows wider every day.  it is my contention that people are dubious about the church because our walk doesn’t match our talk.

“so randy,” you’re probably asking right about now, “what’s this got to do with bumper stickers?”

i’m just requesting (politely) that you remember that you’re sporting a jesus fish on your car when you’re tempted to drive like an idiot.  the waiter did not intend to ignore you, so please don’t stiff him while wearing your “got jesus?” t-shirt.  and your letter to the editor is certainly opinionated (not to mention the spicy adjectives), but please don’t mention that you go to my church.

“but randy, ” you lovingly inquire, “why so upset?  what has gotten you so worked up?”

thanks for asking.  let me explain…

on the way home, i noticed an anti-christian bumper sticker.  at first, i was shocked. then, i was sad.  worse than sad, heartbroken.  the bumper sticker was on a late-model chevrolet pick-up driven by a man wearing a baseball cap who looked to be in his thirties.  it said, “born good the first time.”  obviously, this man was not born good, none of us was.  we were all born bent toward evil and enemies with god (rom 5:10), and the bible teaches that anyone trusting in his/her own goodness will be eternally lost (eph 2:1-5).  in my grief i thought to myself, “what could i possibly say to this man that might have a chance to reach him?”

the solution to the problem, as always, is to look at the life of jesus.  he regularly approached people who didn’t see their need for a savior, and they welcomed him. certainly, his aura was a huge factor: winsome manner, supernatural insight, impeccable character.  but also, he was completely devoid of self-righteousness.  he could talk to people about their shortcomings, and they received it because he so obviously cared about them.

when we (the church) begin to see lost people like jesus sees them (as people and not as “projects”), then maybe we can dialogue as friends.  when we have established a relationship (without agenda), then they will have a chance to see evidence of a relationship with jesus (love, joy, peace, patience, etc – gal 5:22-23).  and who wouldn’t want a life like that?

so please don’t put jesus’ name on your car if you are prone to road rage.





3 thoughts on “would jesus sport a jesus fish?

  1. Thank you for posting this reminder. I have witnessed some of the bad behavior you refer to. I would rather see no bumper stickers or emblems at all, than to be embarassed by such things.

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