an irreverent moment at a funeral

when you preach a funeral, one of your jobs is to lead the processional down the center aisle, out of the church to the hearse.  you’re also supposed to look very somber throughout the whole process.

i don’t know why…it’s just one of the rules.

at a recent funeral i was asked to officiate, i prayed with the family while the funeral director was closing the casket.  i then pasted a grim expression on my face, gripped my bible close to my chest (i think that makes me look pious), and led the forlorn parade outside.

right before the pall bearers lifted the casket into the hearse, the funeral director did something strange.  he pulled out a handle (from where i have no idea) and cranked down the lid on the casket (i presume this maneuver “locks the box,” so to speak).

now, i’m sure this has happened before, probably at every funeral i’ve ever been to, i had just never noticed until the other day.

sealing the casket…a perfectly rational thing to do.  but here’s my problem.

when the funeral director inserted the handle and began cranking, my mind was suddenly captivated by the toy-box tune, “pop goes the weasel.”  taken to its ultimate conclusion, it does not make a pretty picture.

have i finally crossed a line?  am i going to hell?




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