modern-day pharisees

the world news section in this week’s issue of time magazine brings us an interesting story from israel:

An altercation between an 8-year old schoolgirl and a crowd of ultra-Orthodox Jews prompted a heated debate over Israel’s national identity.  The girl was spat upon and called a prostitute by a group of Haredim, or “God-fearing” believers, who deemed her shirtsleeves and skirt immodest. The incident incensed secular Israelis–already resentful because many ultra-Orthodox don’t work but instead receive government funds to pursue religious study–and highlighted growing divides in the Jewish state.

my first thought after reading this story: man, i wish i could receive government funds to pursue religious study.

my second thought: so i guess the pharisees are still around.

(and a bonus thought for the determined few, ultra-orthodox blog readers that persevered to this point…)

i’ll bet that little girl would be spat upon in some american churches i’ve visited.





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