can a christian win the heisman?

congratulations to the new heisman trophy winner, robert griffin III (i have it on good authority that he is a regular reader of this blog).  some sportswriters suggest that griffin sealed the deal in the minds of the voters with his comments after the win at texas.  he said, “i could be wrong, but i think baylor won its first heisman tonight.”   griffin is universally regarded as a bright, unassuming young man.

carlos whitaker wrote about how hard it is for christian artists to make it in hip-hop.  “This genre of music actually breeds and celebrates self indulgence. It works better when the artist is actually MORE full of themselves. I think this is why, in some respects, it is hard to grab fans in the Christian marketplace if you are a rapper.”  so is he saying that christians are not supposed to be full of themselves?

some think oklahoma state football coach mike gundy cost himself a shot at the national championship game because he told the truth.  the week before the bedlam game, gundy told a reporter, “In our situation, if I was doing it fair, I don’t know how I could put us in front of (Alabama) right now.”  apparently, coaches are supposed to boast and preen and insist that theirs is the greatest team in the land.  apparently braggadocio sways voters.  apparently humility is radioactive in the world of sports.

to me, this is a disturbing trend in our culture.  not only is the virtue of humility rare, it is not seen as virtuous. in fact, modesty is perceived as a handicap.  meekness is seen as weakness.

and the church is not exempt.

i wrote recently about the unsettled feeling i had in my gut while watching the elephant room dvds.  for so long, we have measured success in the church according to worldly standards (how popular are you?  how is your revenue stream?) that we now reward managers and punish servants.  it seems to me that humility is largely absent in the comportment of most of the megachurch leaders i’ve observed.

even during this holiday season, our arrogance is flagrantly on display.  we advertise our dramas and musicals and cantatas as outreach, but what are we really doing…what is our real motivation?  and we boast about how many needy children we’re saving via angel tree (“they would have nothing at all, were it not for our generosity”).  even our charity smacks of pretense.

hey, i just checked.  the bible still says, “the lord detests all the proud of heart” (proverbs 16:5).

humility may no longer be profitable, but it is still honorable.





2 thoughts on “can a christian win the heisman?

  1. The hypocrisy of the church is in its height right now. Bragging is one thing, but when you do it daily as a way of life that’s when you have to recognize it and just move on.

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