picnic sundays and potluck dinners

it seems to me that the only thing facebook is good for is facilitating connection with old friends.  on some level.  kinda.  after way too many years in youth ministry, it’s neat to see what some of “my kids” are up to.

amazingly, some  of them turned out remarkably well.

one of them, donelle, is in business with her mom in the dallas area.  their business is called “garden inspirations” and, according to their website, they practice and promote organic gardening and landscaping.  they also market locally grown flowers and vegetables, and donelle even brews “compost tea.”

donelle posted a thought-provoking status update on facebook that i thought i’d pass along…

As much as I enjoy finding things to do online, nothing beats the greatness of “REAL” community. One reason I love what I do is the interaction with people, already today we’ve had someone stop by to pick up Fresh Eggs at the house…and we got to chat a bit about this and that. I know I can’t literally change this world, but if I keep pushing and making small waves – it will make a difference. I miss picnic Sundays and potluck dinners and game nights with neighbors and friends.

i was reminded that each of us (humans) has an itch deep within that can be scratched only through community.  by her inherent nature and structure, the church is uniquely qualified to speak to this social need in individuals, and is responsible for addressing this need in our culture.

but the need for biblical community cannot be fulfilled in a building on a sunday.  and it will never happen if we spend all our time finding things to do online.

as a church leader, i have been sensing the need to compel my people toward discipleship.  i thing the lord wants me to raise the bar a little, and to urge my people to be more vocal in their workplaces and neighborhoods.

and be assured, donelle, you CAN change the world if you will “keep pushing and making small waves.”





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