each deprivation a cultivation

i just started the latest offering by my favorite author, mark buchanan.  it is entitled, “spiritual rhythms: being with jesus every season of your soul.”  in it, buchanan correlates the seasons of the year with seasons we all experience in life.

it’s a simple premise, but it really works.

the first season buchanan discusses is winter (think darkness, bleakness, aloneness).  he invites the reader to consider the terrible-yet-profitable things that happen only in winter (think shoveling snow and enduring power outages while playing board games with the children).  buchanan suggests that one of winter’s most awful/wonderful disciplines is pruning.  in extolling the virtues of pruning, buchanan unfurls one of the powerful little phrase bombs he is known for:

“Each deprivation is really a cultivation.”

wow.  i will chew on that one as i finish reading the rest of the book.

i’ll let you know how it goes.


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