fixated on the trivial

do you ever wonder what god thinks when he looks at us? i realize that he made us and he knows us completely, but sometimes he must say, “how did they come up with that? i made them and i never imagined they would come up with something like that!”

our behavior seems even more bizarre when you consider that god has provided access, and invited us into, the kingdom. we’re not really interested in the kingdom, however, we are completely wrapped up in our sad, little, pathetic lives. christians never cease to amaze me with their second-rate fixations (and i am not casting aspersions…and i am the chief of fixators).

to illustrate, let me relate a story that happened at my first ministry post (the city will go unmentioned, but it was…okay, it was amarillo). the lady that lived right across the street from the church (she was not a church-goer, by the way) called me at the office one day. she was hysterical. between sobs, she explained that she had been nagging her husband for years to get rid of his old junk pickup to no avail. she had recently resorted to drastic measures — she prayed for god to send someone to steal the truck out of their yard (although, i don’t know how god could have found it for the trash and the shoulder-high weeds. and i don’t know how someone could steal it as it had no wheels). the reason she was calling me in a panic, was that the previous night, someone had stolen her son’s brand new pickup. whimpering, she asked me, “is it my fault? did god get the wrong truck?”

i swear, this actually happened.

i must remind myself daily that the things that seem so important to me just don’t matter that much from a kingdom perspective, and the things that genuinely have eternal significance often languish far down on my list of priorities. jesus said “what i’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to god’s giving. people who don’t know god and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both god and how he works. steep your life in god-reality, god-initiative, god-provisions” (matthew 6:31-32). that’s the key as far as i’m concerned. i want to learn to obsess about the right stuff.

maybe god will be so kind as to send someone along to steal my small-mindedness.




One thought on “fixated on the trivial

  1. WOW…..That really hits home. I hope someone comes and steals my small-mindedness too. Such truth! Thank you….I needed to hear that. Love ya!

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