a less-then-popular fitness regimen

i began a new diet/fitness regimen (again) a few weeks ago.

this time, though, i am experimenting with a new program i discovered.  it’s rather obscure.  i think it will do really well when people find out how effective it is, but, at the moment, it’s not selling very well. the website is largely neglected, and i haven’t seen a single book touting this new program on amazon.

it’s called “eat less…exercise more.”

know why it doesn’t sell well?  because it’s not a shortcut.  people don’t want pain–people want fast and easy. fat people want a shortcut to thin.  out of shape people want a shortcut to healthy.

and christians want a shortcut to spiritual.  more on that in a moment.

in case you’ve never dragged your overweight butt out of bed very early in the morning and laced up your sneakers for a run, let me try to describe it for you…

– cold and dark is your friend.  you sweat less when it’s cold, and you want it dark because when you’re fat you jiggle something awful and you don’t want to offend your neighbors with such a traumatic sight.

– be aware that wild animals are also out early in the morning.  they won’t bother you, but you run right up on them if you’re not watching (and that can cause problems if you trip over one of the little black and white ones that smell funny).

– when you go for a run, the goal is to get your heart rate up to the point you think you’re literally on the verge of dropping over dead from apoplexy, and then maintain that moment of panic for thirty minutes.

thus far, i’m doing well on my diet (thanks for asking) and i promise to occasionally update you on my progress.  and now back to the spiritual stuff…

i am amazed (and somewhat distressed) by the obvious parallels between physical health and spiritual health.  i’ve tried a dozen times to semi-commit (almost-commit, quasi-commit) myself to getting healthy, but i never made it.  i’ve come to understand that if i’m going to have any chance of reaching my goal, i have to “go all taliban” (to borrow a phrase from david), but that’s just me.  maybe you can gradually lay your life down, or ease your way into discipleship, but i cannot.

it’s no wonder why people (even christians) don’t like jesus’ formula: “come and die.”





3 thoughts on “a less-then-popular fitness regimen

  1. Inspiring. I love it and I love you.

    The old Randy used to say ” The body is a temple of the Lord. I don’t want to crowd Him. “

  2. It takes sacrifice and commitment. I started a “diet” a few months back myself. It was hard especially in the beginning. Shaking free of old habits. Learning to eat what is natural and chemical free again. Eating less. But, wow it has been worth it. My spouse has lost 60 lbs and I have lost 25. We move better, feel better and food tastes better. Would have never known it if I hadn’t stuck to it. Same with the spiritual walk. Got to make the commitment to live God’s way. The healthy way. It will be hard to begin with, but it will be worth it. Blessings for being faithful, peace, joy, a more effective witness and service for God. Go for it Christians, get the new healthy spiritual lifestyle going. (And eat right!)

  3. Great analogy Randy. Hope your fitness regimen works this time. I have been in one my whole life (team sports for awhile, lifting, and now cycling and lifting). It is hard work but worth it. Hmmmm sounds like being a christ-follower.

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