is your church growing? really?

todd stamps was at my church yesterday.  he used to be part of my youth group and now he (and his wife and three boys) is a candidate missionary to the republic of mozambique.  i could not be more proud.

he said, “the church is growing like crazy in mozambique.  god is up to something.”  i couldn’t help wondering, “what is god up to in america?”

here are some of the latest numbers from barna…

– 4000 churches will close this year

– 1500 churches will successfully launch

     (that’s an 80% failure rate)

– only 15% of American churches can be described as “growing”

– of those that are growing, only 2.3% of that growth comes via conversion

     (the rest is transfer growth)

– just half of the 200,000 viable churches in America added even one new member through conversion last year

     (this is chasing away 1500 pastors from ministry each month)

does god love mozambique more than america?  no?

then what’s the problem?


2 thoughts on “is your church growing? really?

  1. Just heard a stat from our own fellowship. Ten years ago we have over 2,000 ministers registered as evangelists full-time with our national office. Today we have little more than 200.

    I don’t see that as bad.

    Maybe it is time to start looking hard at what is really Biblical, rather than what appears to work.

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