joel osteen recommended us!

some examples of irony are just too exquisite to be believed.

last week i had a call from a young man, fraught with issues, that i’ve tried to help on a couple of occasions. after i offered him some counsel over the phone, he thanked me profusely and promised he would be at church on sunday morning.

when he arrived, i introduced him to one of our youth leaders (whom i admire deeply, by the way) who had struggled with similar issues and was in the process of finding healing and deliverance. i am told that they got on well, and our young guest was encouraged by the encounter.

this morning, i had a conversation with my youth pastor about the situation.  he told me that he asked the young man how he had come to visit our fellowship, and was told that he was referred to us by joel osteen’s ministry.

don’t see the irony? allow me to elaborate.

i love joel osteen (especially his hair) and i can honestly say that “The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice” (philippians 1:18).  but, in the past, i have humbly and lovingly (my perspective) pointed out some minor philosophical differences i might have had with pastor osteen (if you like, you can check them here or here or, most recently, here), and i was somewhat surprised to find that he is still willing to send troubled souls into my care.  what a guy!

i tried to contact brother osteen to thank him for the referral, but he was unavailable.





3 thoughts on “joel osteen recommended us!

  1. I wonder if Mr. Osteen ever personally deals with individuals fraught with struggles… (other than not having a good Saturday thru Thursday) 🙂

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