our problems are solved!

after a long, dark season of joblessness, endless wars, plummeting home prices, and a global economy teetering on the brink of apocalypse, finally there is good news…

god has spoken.

like israel gathered at the foot of sinai, we have been waiting breathlessly for direction from our creator.  we are confident that god is aware of our plight, and that, at any moment, he will send a mighty prophet with a fresh word–a message of hope and inspiration. well take heart, weary sojourners, that prophet has arrived and the lord has spoken.  here is his message…

every day a friday.

my buddy, kevin, baited me with a link to joel osteen’s new book and, as you can see, i took the bait.  the publisher says: “The title of this life-changing book comes from research that shows people are happiest on Fridays. Pastor Joel Osteen writes how we can generate this level of contentment and joy every day of the week. Known as a man who maintains a constant positive outlook in spite of circumstances, Osteen has described this message as a core theme of his ministry.

what a relief to know that i actually do not have to deny myself and take up my cross!  i can’t imagine how i ever thought that jesus was calling me to sell my possessions (luke 12:22), give up everything (luke 14:33), and focus on things unseen (2 corinthians 4:18).

in this troublesome time, we have a book that gives us “principles for true happiness.”

our problems are solved.


5 thoughts on “our problems are solved!

  1. He’s the leader of the snow cone gospel. His church could burn down tomorrow and nobody in Houston, besides the Mercedes dealership next door, would care.

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