more elephant room thoughts

yesterday i wrote about high profile church leaders that seem (to me, anyway, as i watched “the elephant room dvds) t0 lack meeknees.  i made the following statement…

an arrogant man is always the last one to recognize arrogance.

well, early this morning i had one of those painful, epiphany-type moments (i occasionally have wonderful epiphany-type moments, but i obviously require more of the painful kind).  i’m not sure it was the lord speaking to me, it might have been my guilty conscience.  nevertheless, i felt compelled to add an amendment to yesterday’s post.  here it is…

as the arrogant man is unable to acknowledge arrogance in his own life, the man who is truly humble does not see himself as humble.

according to scripture (matthew 20:26-27 among many others), humility (“being conscious of one’s failings; unpretentious; a feeling of insignificance”) must be the objective of the man of god.  humility–not achievements–is our mark of kingdom success.


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