help me solve a mystery

DISCLAIMER:  this post has no spiritual basis whatsoever.  if you came to this site needing and/or expecting some deep kingdom revelation, or even some light-hearted encouragement, please–for your sake and mine–navigate away from this page before reading another word.  thank you.

it is a beautiful day in oklahoma, albeit slightly windy (did i mention it was oklahoma?), so i rode my motorcycle to work.  i had a confusing and disconcerting experience–not once, but twice–while going 70mph on the interstate today that i cannot figure out.  i’m not sure if i have other bikers among my throng of readers (both of you), but i thought i might present this quandary here, to my brilliant readers, for your consideration and (possible) explanation.

i’m riding down the interstate, lost in thought, when a very slight mist passes across my face.  it was not an unpleasant sensation: in fact, it was somewhat refreshing.  but here’s my problem…

where did it come from?

was someone watering their lawn somewhere upwind (did i mention it was oklahoma?)?  do birds urinate?  did a fully-loaded cattle truck pass me unnoticed, and if so, did the refreshing mist possess a greenish hue? 

anyway, i would be grateful to any of you who might provide a solution to this mystery.


3 thoughts on “help me solve a mystery

  1. For your peace of mind I would say it was windshield washer fluid that overshot the window. If not, ahhhh, I ain’t sayin’. That’s my story and sticking to it. 🙂 My guess though is you notice in time.

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