video dei

okay, y.b.l.y. readers, it’s video day!

i’ve never done this before, because 1.) who has time to watch videos? and 2.) i figure if i’ve seen it on the internet, so has everyone else.  nevertheless, today i take a break from deep theological thought (the normal fare on this site) to share a few accumulated videos with you.

if you haven’t seen muto, it is some of the most creative stuff i’ve ever seen.  it is also creepy and slightly disturbing.

this video, “drive safely,”  has the disturbing element in abundance without the creativity.

finally, some of the most amazing bicycle tricks i’ve ever seen.  i’m sure bike people know danny macaskill, but i didn’t (well, i still don’t know danny macaskill, but i love watching him ride his bike over all kinds of interesting things).

tomorrow i will get back to the rich and nourishing material this site is known for (manure could be considered “rich and nourishing,” couldn’t it?).


2 thoughts on “video dei

  1. Surely you don’t think Danny’s bicycle tricks are more amazing than those of that guy who was in your Chickasha youth group!

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