what did we do before smart phones?

i have written often in this space about the connection between the rise in technology and the demise of civilized culture.   i contend that we are losing subtle and cherished relational nuances because technology has changed the way we communicate with one another.

my friends consider me a neanderthal because i have chosen not to text.  i’m sorry, but you’ve got a phone…call me.  it’s called talking.

and now i have a new observation: technology is not only taking away beautiful things, it is also creating ugly things.

what do you call a person who is constantly checking their phone?

do these people need to see every single text the moment it arrives?  are they afraid they might miss a facebook status update? are they all high-level executives who need to be constantly in touch with their offices?  or maybe there are superheroes among us…could it be that batman now gets the bat signal via email?

is technology making us even more self-absorbed?  is that possible?





3 thoughts on “what did we do before smart phones?

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