“thanks” to my permission giver

jeff lucas was in oklahoma city last week.  while he was in the area, he spoke at our fellowship and for several of my buddies.  as expected, jeff lucas brought a provocative word from scripture (that’s his specialty).  my church family loves him, and are already asking me when he is coming back.  jeff is an amazing communicator.

to me, though, jeff is absolutely at his best over a cup of coffee.

i met jeff in 1999 and he has been coming to my church ever since.  jeff is british and is thus possessed of the dry wit and cynical nature that goes with the type.  over the last few years, he has given more time/energy to his writing than to traveling/speaking.  and while i consider jeff lucas a friend, he is also a mentor (can i have a mentor who is my age?).  i cannot begin to communicate how valuable jeff has been in my life.

in a recent blog post, ben arment described my position succinctly and accurately:

Most of us walk around with governors on our actions because we’re silently wondering, “Are we really allowed to do that?”

It takes a leader to go in front of us and show us that yes… yes you can. Until then, we just lived caged-in lives.

jeff lucas is my permission giver, and this post is my way of saying “thank you.”

do you have a permission giver?


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