before you celebrate your dream…

i’ve noticed that there seems to be a theme on the church signs i’ve been reading (one of my favorite pastimes) on my way to and from work.  everybody is preaching about dreams.  i’ve seen sermons titles like:

– dreaming god-sized dreams

– don’t give up on your dream

– dare to dream again

– fulfilling your god-given dream

apparently dreams are very fashionable, even godly.  but don’t get the idea that preachers are preaching about subconscious images you have while you’re sleeping–this dream is best defined as “an ambitious goal.”  clearly god wants all of us to dream big dreams and clearly god wants to fulfill our big dreams…right?

perhaps the bible’s most famous dream is the one god gave to young joseph in genesis 37.  standing at the end of the story and looking back toward the beginning, we can see that god fabulously fulfilled the dream he gave joseph, and used joseph to save his family (the fledgling nation of israel).  isn’t that they way it’s supposed to work? god, give us all dreams…an abundance of dreams!

but wait…

joseph’s dream was followed immediately by betrayal by his brothers, enslavement in a foreign country, implication in a rape he did not commit, false imprisonment and abandonment.  in other words, joseph’s god-given dream unleashed thirteen years of hell.

it’s the truth, but it doesn’t translate into a very snappy sermon title.


5 thoughts on “before you celebrate your dream…


    Oh man, that was funny! I love it! thanks for the reminder that the dreams God gives us may not unfold the way we might prefer. But HIS plan is perfect and complete and for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

  2. Preach it Bro Randy. I’m 10 years into the dream God has given me and it sure hasn’t worked out the way I had planned it, and I’ve been through hell, albeit not like Joseph, and I’m still kicking. I like how Pastor McNabb put it one time, religious people are doing all they can to stay out of hell, but spiritual people are those who have been there and aren’t going back. When asked about my outlook, I tell people that I’m an optimist, but a realist. I know not everything is going to work out for my glory, but it will work out for His glory.

  3. I am going through a period in my life right now where I am not sure if I am following God’s plan or my dream. He seems silent. I know this is not true, but hard to discern sometimes. I will praise Him because He is faithful and will not forsake me.

  4. I would be safe in saying that we, Americans, think the dream is about us. Spiritual people understand the dream is about HIM and HIS agenda and are willing to go through the hell. It’s been my experience that when I am following His dream hell comes, I die and His plan is carried out. I want to be acquainted with him in His sufferings and be obedient…..but for the record….I would rather choose a sunny beach somewhere with no smell of sulphur around.

  5. When people tell me to relax and enjoy the journey, I want to haul back and punch them in the face. Destination (or destiny) teaching is way to easy. The journey from your current reality and into the fulfillment of a dream is painful. Anyone who has not experienced brokenness, isolation, faithlessness, second-guessing, and frustration is probably not on the right path. If that kind of life were easy, everyone would do it. Biblical living sort of goes back to your blog title – your best life later.

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