a lady who “gets it”

i love following links on other blogs.  i appreciate the way a lot of guys reference other things they’ve read, and i love stretching my mind by reading new things by people i do not know.  by necessity, a lot of sifting takes place, but i have uncovered a few priceless nuggets.

following is a blog post by a lady named tricia goyer.  i had never heard of her until i clicked on the link to this post (and, frankly, i cannot remember who sent me there), but she is apparently a fairly prolific writer of books and materials for christian women. although i’m not a christian woman, i appreciate a female who “gets it.”  when it comes to men and what they need, it is massively evident that ms. goyer “gets it.”

What I wished I knew about men before I got married.

(And by men I mean I’m focusing on my husband!)

1. Men can’t read your mind. If you “hint” at wanting help, they will not get it. Asking sweetly works much better. 

2. Men don’t like to be rushed with problems as soon as they get in the door.

3. Men feel like they’ll fail as a spiritual leader. Sometimes it’s easier not to try than to see disappointment in your spouse’s gaze.

4. Men are visual. Very visual.

5. Men like someone to listen to their dreams. It doesn’t mean they’re going to go out and quit their jobs tomorrow, but a listening ear matters.

6. Men are born wanting to protect the weak and fight for honor, but those emotions rarely have a chance to exhibit themselves in the real world.

7. A good meal and a warm wife can wash away every other care in the world.

is it just me, or is each point more insightful than the one before?  i mean, the first couple are no brainers.  when i read numbers three and four i caught myself nodding my head in agreement.  number five elicited a subconscious “wow.”  by the time i finished the list, i realized my mouth was hanging open and i was kinda’ moaning.

i am going to work this list into my counseling material.

and i’m going to read more of tricia goyer’s stuff.


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