profound statements – part three

let us continue, dear readers, on this little series referencing statements i’ve heard/read recently that have impacted my thinking.

today’s quote speaks subtly to the subject of forgiveness.  lately i’ve encountered a flurry of insightful stuff written on forgiveness.  dave burchett did a series, as did brett harrison (smart guys both!), but i was captivated by a quote from author/actor/politician, malachy mccourt.  he said…

Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

brilliant!  as believers, we often talk about our need to forgive.  we need to forgive to god will be pleased.  we need to forgive for relationships can be restored.  we need to forgive so our prayers will not be hindered.

but we don’t often talk about the need to forgive so we don’t rot from the inside.

i have no statistics to back it up, but i am convinced that no emotion is more insidious and corrosive to one’s spiritual well-being than unforgiveness.  it undermines our faith and unravels our testimony.  plainly, i believe one cannot harbor unforgiveness and stay saved in the long-term.

what say you, wise colleagues?


4 thoughts on “profound statements – part three

  1. One of the wisest lines from The Shack was, “Forgiveness doesn’t mean pretending what the other guy did wasn’t wrong. Forgiveness is just taking your hands off his throat.”

    • thanks for the question, tony.

      it seems clear to me (biblically) that god is faithful to point out bitterness/unforgiveness in the heart of one of his followers (matt 5:23; titus 3:3-5). in fact, the one context where we “grieve the holy spirit” is in mistreatment of others (eph 4:29-32).

      when we refuse to submit to the holy spirit’s urging and choose to hold on to resentment/bitterness, our hearts become hard and we eventually become deceived (romans 1:21-22). then jesus words in matthew 6 apply: “But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

      hope that makes sense. hit me back if you need more.

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