profound statements – part two

lately, for some reason, i’ve run across an abundance of powerful thoughts.  whether the delivery system is something i heard or something i read, i have chosen to identify this tsunami of sagaciousness as god’s way of propelling me along in my spiritual walk.

last week, i read a tweet by will mancini (leadership author and coach) that was so strong it stopped me in my tracks. mancini wrote:

Talent attracts a big crowd. But a great church is built thru the disciplined togetherness of ordinary people who know the gospel.

at first look, i was encouraged by mancini’s quote.  it felt like he was describing the direction we have chosen to carry out god’s mission in our community.  perhaps the church i lead might be described as great! as soon as i shared mancini’s statement with friends, though, and we began to parse it, we uncovered layer upon layer of meaning.

want to unpack it with me?

why didn’t mancini simply say, “togetherness”?  why did he feel the need to specify “disciplined togetherness”?

and what does he mean by, “ordinary people”?  whom did he intend for me to think of when i read that?  do i even know any “ordinary people”?  and is he talking about “ordinary people” in my neighborhood, or in the world?

and i know lots of people who “know the word,” but i’m not sure if i know anybody who “knows the gospel.”

so dive in, brilliant readers.  what did mancini’s tweet say to you?


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