profound statements – part one

i am enjoying a season of profundity. i have heard/read a number of statements lately that have rocked my world.   it’s pretty cool, and i feel like god is tossing me meaty chunks of revelation.  it’s like an e-ticket ride at spiritual disneyland.

over the next few days, i will be sharing a few with my precious readers (you may join us, occasional visitor) and i sincerely hope they are a blessing to you.

devin webb was a guest at our fellowship this past weekend. music is devin’s wheelhouse (he’s an amazing singer/songwriter/worship leader) but he said some really stuff this past weekend.  for one, he said some insightful things about process.  please allow me to paraphrase.

god loves process.  in the genesis account of creation, the spirit of god was hovering over our formless planet when he said, “let there be light.”  after there was light, the earth was still “without form and void” but now it was illuminated.  god said it was good. it’s not the product that is good…it’s the process.  for five nights, god went to bed with his masterpiece incomplete, and each night he called it “good.”

we need to get way more comfortable with process.  just because god’s work in our lives is incomplete, does not mean it’s not good, it is.  the struggle/frustration is actually a sign of creative activity and we need to embrace it.  completion is inevitable.

devin’s message really spoke to me and to several others at my fellowship.  i pray that it touches you where you are.


3 thoughts on “profound statements – part one

  1. If I understood more that my life-growth is a process I think I would be much more patient with all that is going on. Since I have trouble remembering that, I have difficulty with what is going on. Thanks for sharing this Randy.

  2. Wow, God has been reminding me of this continually… It’s a process, it’s relationship, it’s on going, it takes time, it’s a journey… don’t rush it… enjoy it.

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