doug and jill everaard are old friends who also happen to be our state youth directors (an unenviable position if ever there was one).  a couple of months ago, their three-year old son, grayson, was diagnosed with stage-four neuroblastoma.  today, i want to urge all the regular visitors to this space to do two things:

1.  put the everaards on your prayer list and begin to pray for them diligently.

2.  visit and read jill’s ongoing journal about this experience.  jill is an elegant writer who does a great job of describing the family’s feelings and emotions.  if you’re not crying by the time your done, go immediately to the hospital to be checked for a heart. 

for me, personally, jill’s journal has been quite the gut-check.  everytime i open it, the theoretical implodes and i am confronted with the crushing realities of life as it is–naked and cruel.  i am reminded that we must determine–every moment of every day–what is important and what is trivial.  let me leave you with a few selected words from the everaards..

We know and firmly believe that God has a great plan for our little man. He has a plan greater than anything we, as his parents, could even fathom for him! Please stand with us as we too pray for a miraculous healing in Gray and that the miracle in his life will reach all those who have been touched by our story. Only God can take something like cancer and use it for His glory but we believe that is what He’s going to do!…We can either mope and moan about our problems or we can get up each day and use what we have and what we are living to reach as many people as we possibly can. While we, as a family, would never have chosen for our child to be sick and while we would much rather him be well and healthy instead of being a t-shirt and a prayer request we also know that what the diagnosis of “cancer” means for harm and pain and devastation God can use for good! We are trusting and believing that he is doing just that with our little baby boy!

join me in praying for gray.  and pray for doug and jill and seth everaard.  pray that they will make much of the lord in their trial.  and pray that their testimony of grace will touch many hearts.

like it has touched mine.


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