you need to follow this man

okay, i am officially twittering (although if someone designs a similar platform with a less-ridiculous name, i’m all over it).  as with most of the technological risks i take in my life (and they are precious few), david spotts goaded me until i relented.  if you like, you can “follow me” (i don’t know what that means) as i follow christ.  i am @randyatcla.

and even though i’m only allowed 140 characters, i’m not going to use the cute little abbreviations (“ur” for “you’re” for example.  and if i want to write “for” i’m not going to use the numeral.  just saying).

one of the reasons i’ve resisted using this medium for so long, is that some people “tweet” some pretty inane things.  call me unkind, but i don’t care what you order at starbuck’s.  another pet peeve of mine is people quoting people who quoted someone else.  i would think if i had nothing to say, i simply would not tweet.

well, i may have judged others prematurely.  again.

in the whole process, david introduced me (on twitter) to a guy named bob goff.  goff is an attorney who founded “restore international,” a non-profit organization which was established to address the atrocities and injustices committed against children.  besides traveling around the world to save children, this guy is totally quote-worthy.  he almost single-handedly restored my faith in twitter.  if you don’t follow bob goff, let me share a few of his most recent tweets…

“Gold? incense? myrrh??? I wanted a bike”

“Jesus never hides, but even wise men needed to look for Him”

“We all get a chance to be Innkeepers; who we let in can make us wise men too

“The gospel story is just as much about the beginning as the ending; us too

“We get to be Christmas; we don’t need to just celebrate it”

“I love that Christmas isn’t an event; it’s an invitation

“Our faith doesn’t just happen; some assembly required”

“The whole world is holding its breath, hoping that you will be incredible

“Eat, drink and be helpful

“Do everything that you can to put yourself in the position of doing everything that you can

“Take off your shoes; God is present. We may not know all of the steps to take, but we usually know the next barefoot one

“Stop loving people like we’re on probation; do it like you’re on the honor role”

do you have to be a philanthropist to come up with quotes like that?  or just an attorney?





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