unofficial visionaries

with every news article/blog i read and with every conversation i have, i grow more uncertain about the future of the american church.  but occasionally something will happen that gives me hope.

a few months ago, i began meeting on sunday nights with a group of young men from my fellowship.  on sunday mornings we are walking verse-by-verse through the gospel of john. and then, in the evenings, i gather with these young men (at the local sports bar) to delve more deeply into the text and wrestle with the tough questions that  come up.  i am genuinely inspired by the hunger and passion of these men.  they will never be satisfied with a lukewarm consumer church, and i am confident that they will have “the stuff” to lead the new expression of church, whatever form it may happen to take.

last night we had a blast.

and i am excited and challenged about my role in their lives.  i am absolutely inadequate to take them where they ultimately need to be, but i relish the opportunity to propel them in the right direction.

it’s young men like these–insatiably curious and completely committed–that ensure that jesus will have partners with which to build his church in the next generation.


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