are they really my friends?

i celebrated my fifty-fourth birthday yesterday.  as quietly as possible.

the most exciting thing about my birthday was finding ninety-seven birthday greetings on my “wall” (for all those non-proficient in facebook, that is my profile page). this evening i responded to each and every one.  no sir, no blanket-type, one-size-fits-all acknowledgements for me (most birthday babies update their status with a generic “thanks for all the birthday wishes”).  i thanked each one personally.

and yet, on this touching occasion, i am reminded of how sick i am.

i had ninety-seven people take time out to express their affection to me on my birthday and my first thought was, “where are the other three-hundred-three?” (i have exactly four-hundred facebook “friends”.)  do they hate me?

how many more birthdays before i get the pride totally washed out of me?





8 thoughts on “are they really my friends?

  1. I have been working crazy hours… not to mention I spent last week in Houston working crazy hours… but I made it today and now I can wish you a happy birthday!! 🙂

    No really.. I hope this was a wonderful day that was ordained to be so.

  2. What about those of us who do not struggle with pride who took the time and went out of their way to send you an e-card and did not get mentioned in this post. (or something like that)

    • to those who “went out of their way” (sorry to trouble you by being born) to send an e-card, i have something much better than a passing mention in an obscure blog. the next time i see those special friends who took time to send me an e-card, i will kiss them full on the mouth.

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