of weather and whitewater

we have experienced an exceptionally rare phenomenon in the heartland recently–an extended stint of glorious weather.

we generally enjoy four distinct seasons in oklahoma: summer, summer, indian summer, and winter.  summer is an eternal period of dry and windy.  and then one morning we wake up, the sky is gray, the wind is howling out of the north, and it’s forty-degrees colder than it was the day before.  the cold snap is refreshing for a moment, and then we begin to look forward to summer.

this fall, though, we have enjoyed two solid weeks of sunny days with temperatures in the 70’s and light winds.  a real aberration.

last thursday i stepped outside and took an instant to appreciate the gorgeous climate. suddenly, i realized that i am not grateful.  why haven’t i been enjoying every beautiful day?  god had lavishly presented me with this marvelous gift and i had basically responded with a yawn (two weeks of enjoyment and one second of gratitude).  and yet i’m relentless with my complaints when the weather is bad.

this lesson was underscored for me when i was driving emma (my beloved granddaughter) home on that same afternoon.  on the thirty-minute drive home, emma looks out the window and narrates for me.  she points out school buses and choo-choo trains and various bodies of water.  as much as i can, i watch her in the rear-view mirror and comment when necessary.  on thursday, she noticed the labyrinth of colorful slides as we drove by whitewater and absolutely lit up. “poppy, look!” she shrieked (“poppy” is the term of endearment she assigned to me).

and here’s the lesson…

i was enthralled by that look.  the gravity of emma’s sudden excitement totally sucked me into her orbit.  i immediately began planning ways i might elicit that response again–how i might once again paint that look of delight on her countenance (whitewater doesn’t open again until the second oklahoma summer).

and here’s a scary thought: at that moment i would have paid just about anything.

is that why god gave me gorgeous weather…why he gave us nature?  is my gratification so thrilling to god that he would do virtually anything to gratify me, even extend the seasons?  it is and he does.  my heavenly father is so completely in love with me that my enjoyment–even for just a moment–is worth monumental consideration on his part.  to see me happy, he will pay just about anything (like i would with emma) and his resources are limitless.

how is it possible that i scarcely notice?





One thought on “of weather and whitewater

  1. My 4 year old grandson elicits the same thoughts from me Randy. I rue the day I lost the wonder of things and marvel at their unabashed excitement of new things…things I have long ago taken for granted. I pray for new eyes to see. Good thoughts.

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