irreverent images

sorry to have abandoned you this week, dear readers, but between a wedding, two funerals, and an overwhelming case of creeping ambivalence i have not been attentive to this space.  to make it up to you, i’ll give you a little something fun as we head into another hectic weekend. 

most blogs give you an absurd photo with the alluring invitation: “caption please.”  your humble host, on the other hand, will provide captions for the ridiculous pictures my brother, roger, recently sent to me under the title, “men who lack adult supervision.”  you’ve probably seen most of these images.  my hope is that many of you are in my age group and, like me, are beginning to enjoy the fuzzy sensation of alzheimer’s.  enoy.

group one: holiday photos


and here are a few technological innovations one can only find in america’s heartland (move over, ipad!)…





















the following section of images depict our (locals, southerners, rednecks) means and methods of relaxation…






and, finally, a photographical allegory of the life of a church planter (i.e.: “it seemed like a good idea at the outset” followed by “i think we can still make it” and “you know, you could help out a little,” and wrapping up with “at least we coasted to stop…i thought we would end up in a flaming pile of twisted metal.”)


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