our affinity for affinity

juat a quick thought going into the weekend…

why do we group up?

we (humans) naturally gravitate toward people similar to ourselves.  this affinity for affinity is a trait that is understandable and probably makes us safer, but at what cost?  my next-door neighbor is a great guy whom i really enjoy spending time with–except that he keeps his lawn mowed and his vehicles washed.  i hate that about him.  he is struggling at the moment, because has been asked to resign his position on the board at the big baptist church where he has served for many years.  it seems that they are hell-bent (please pardon the crude-yet-appropriate expression) on building a multi-million dollar edifice and my neighbor thinks the money might be better spent helping the poor.  so they suggested he take his opinion and leave.

here’s the rub.  my buddy is about to undertake the dreadful process of uprooting his family and searching for a new fellowship.  and even though i love him (and i’m pretty sure he loves me), he cannot consider worshipping with me at my church because he is baptist (although i’m not really sure what that means) and i am not.

so why do we group up?

i mean, i understand that you might be arminian and i might be calvinist (and hobbes), but why must that fact divide us?  and so what if you’re black and i’m caucasian, why allow that to separate us (although wikipedia says that a caucasian is someone from the caucasus region and, to my knowledge, i’ve never been there…hey, maybe i’m arminian and armenian)?    and if you’re rich and i’m poor, let’s not allow inequality to keep us from being brothers (besides, i think our government is very close to a solution to this issue).

i guess what i’m trying to say is, i don’t want my circumstances to bind me to a particular group.  i am officially against situational grouping.  so no matter what group you happen to be in, i love you.

have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “our affinity for affinity

  1. As a pastor I have had to look for a new community a time or two. 🙂 In all seriousness, I have come to the conclusion that the name on the building means nothing to me. I will worship where the truth is preached and Christ is exalted. Just my .02 worth.

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