confessions of a pastor: introduction

over the years, hollywood has made several feeble attempts at situation-comedy based on church life.  with a couple of notable exceptions, they have all failed miserably.  it is the opinion of your humble host that a church-based sit-com has not made it is because they simply have not been real enough.  i’m pretty sure that if the writers were either 1.) more familiar with the subject, or 2.) completely honest, their audiences would not be able to get enough.  trust me, the church i’ve been a part of all my life is hilarious.  i’m talking about wet-your-pants funny.  stir in the unique cultural setting of the bible-belt, add a liberal helping of pentecostal weirdness, and you’ve got a guaranteed hit.  a kind of beverly hillbillies meet the simpsons on survivor island.  on the tbn set.

 i tell you humbly, yet assuredly…i’ve seen it all.

 on a couple different occasions i’ve written about the ministry undressed.  a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of a pastor.  i’ve thought of a few more i wanted to share, so today i am going to suspend my better judgment and launch a mini-series called “confessions of a pastor.”  confession number one is that i am going to reclaim some of those earlier posts, as they were very lightly read and they are quite funny if i do say so myself (so if you remember reading them, please accept my humblest apologies…both of you).  i hope you enjoy them and i hope god doesn’t punish me for my irreverence.  also, i sincerely hope you will join in the conversation.  especially some of my pastor buddies who have stories every bit as juicy as mine.

c’mon guys…i went first.


3 thoughts on “confessions of a pastor: introduction

  1. You have to recap the time when you had the bright idea to incorporate fresh french bread into communion and you accidently bought the bread with garlic cloves baked into it. The smell was overwhelming. I thought the sermon was going to be about vampires.

    I craved spaghetti the entire service.

    • Ha… that is great.

      Reminds me when I was a trip to Bali, Indonesia for a short term Mission opportunity. We were able to celebrate communion with several missionary families. Someone bought those little cheese crackers that are shaped like fish. Unfortunately, they were Durian flavored… which also meant they had a weird smell.

      If you are not familiar with Durian, do a quick internet search.. I am sure you will soon discover why that was an odd experience.

  2. Randy.. while I am not a pastor, I was a pastor’s kid. A pentecostal pastor at that. I could probably add a few tidbits here and there. I have witnessed some odd things in the church setting.

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