mel gibson’s rant

i’m sure we’ve all heard the taped rant that mel gibson allegedly unleashed on his girlfriend during a telephone conversation.  it can only be described as disturbing.

i have resolved (against all my internal impulses) not to make a specific comment on the matter.

i will say, though, that it makes me thankful that there is not a secret recording somewhere of me in traffic.


3 thoughts on “mel gibson’s rant

  1. I was saying the same thing to my wife after that came out.. not necessarily the traffic part though that would be entertaining for people on a day when I truly frustrated.

    But we have all said things in the heat of passion that we don’t mean or don’t subscribe to.

    I have chosen to ignore the media on this front.

  2. It’s even more disturbing / frightening for those who live with it on a daily basis. Not just an isolated incident. Speaking from personal experience it deepens my compassion and moves me to pray for others in similar situations.

  3. From what I’ve read over the years about Mel Gibson (he was confessedly suicidal while making the Mad Max movies), he is a devout Catholic man who has long been deeply troubled — unlike me who has been a devout Protestant man who has long been deeply troubled, but thankfully without the access Mel has had to fame, women, and wealth. How much more troubled would I be with temptations like that?

    He has however said some things that indicate his desperate search for Christ and Christ’s love, and there was brilliant spriritual insight in Mel’s The Passion of Christ movie.

    If I ever got to meet Mel Gibson and spent enough time with him to earn the right, I’d like to look deep in his eyes and tell Mel, that “Christ has loved you deeply with an everlasting love, His love is set on you right now, and He longs to settle and cure and purify and restore your troubled soul.” Catholics need to hear the Gospel of the Glory of Christ and that His work (and none of ours) has restored us to the Father’s love and care.

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