my heritage flinch

sadly (or gladly, depending on your perspective), i’m not going to have much time to blog over the next few days as i will be in emma’s playhouse.  or pushing emma in the swing.  or watching veggie-tales with emma.  my son and daughter-in-law are on vacation, so my wife and i are babysitting our granddaughter (her name is emma, for those of you who are a little slow).  tonight, my wife has a class, so it’s just emma and me.   but currently the backyardigans (i had no idea) seem to have her momentarily entertained, so i thought i’d dash off a line.

my kids are in las vegas and they’re having a great time as they celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.  i realize that all parents are blind, but i’m pretty sure they’re not “taking full advantage” of sin city (ryan, my son, is much more morally upright than his father).  still, though, i flinch a little when i tell people that my son went to las vegas for vacation.

i wonder why that is?

the other day i was listening to the 60’s station on xm radio (don’t worry…i’m not changing subjects) and i heard a song by spanky and our gang called “sunday morning.”  they sang…

Sunday morning
Sun shining on your eyes
Sleepy face
Smiling into mine
Sunday morning
Lots of time with nothing to do
Lots of time to spend with you
On Sunday morning

It’s so quiet in the street
We can hear the sounds
Of feet walking by
I’ll put coffee on to brew
We can have a cup or two
And do
What other people do
on Sunday morning

Sunday morning
Sunday morning
Sunday, Sunday
I love Sunday
Sunday morning

Come hold me in your arms
I love you
Everything is all right
Sunday morning
Lots of time
Lots of time
On Sunday morning

i vividly remember, as a fifth-grader, hearing that song on the radio and shaking my head as a “tsk-tsk” escaped my lips.  “how could these people have nothing to do on sunday mornings.” i wondered?  “and where did they get the idea that sitting at home drinking coffee is “what other people do” on sunday morning?

where did i learn that?

and while i’m on the subject of music (allow me to gently remind you that i’m still not changing the subject), i could never bring myself to sing the last line of chicago’s song, “you’re my inspiration.”  i would always sing, “loving you girl is so hmmm easy.”

my point (and the subject i remained firmly upon) is that i am astounded by the impression my “sunday school upbringing” made on me.  please don’t think i regret it, but i’m a little disturbed by how affected i am.  sometimes it is difficult for me to differentiate between the voice of god and the voice of generations of pastors/teachers.  deep down i know there are godly people who go to las vegas and read the paper on sunday mornings throw their heads back and sing “loving you girl is so damn easy” at the tops of their collective lungs.

i’m sure my legalistic background damaged me in some ways, but the biggest problem is the involuntary flinch.  is it possible that people i am supposed to love see my flinch and think me judgmental?  is it possible my flinch keeps me from connecting with people who genuinely need jesus?

it’s something to think about, and maybe even talk about.  right now, though, i’ve got to go.  my granddaughter wants to get in the hot tub.


8 thoughts on “my heritage flinch

    • maybe so, you young whippersnapper, but are you qualified to point that out? doesn’t the bible say, “respect thou thine elders” or some such?

      seriously, i would have to agree with your analysis, brett. i am old. and i flinch because i am old. but it’s only because when i was your age we didn’t have running water or electricity and we lived out in the middle of nowhere and…wait, that’s what you’re doing now. nevermind.

  1. I grew up in my pre-salvation days where Sunday mornings were family time to eat breakfast and hang out….rest…..but when I got saved, that all changed and I quickly was assimilated into the “Sunday School” culture. But, I recently was part of a local congregation that met on Sunday afternoons at 4pm. The families took time to be together, eat, play and rest……rest….(must be a new idea)!!! Not sure but it was great and put a HUGE positive twist on the entire week. Either way….if it’s genuine worship with a heart after God, I’m sure it’s just fine to sing Sunday Morning and I’ve been known to sing a few bars of Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown. (hee, hee)!!!

  2. Maybe you flinched for the same reason I did when I heard Frankie Valli’s song “Swear to God.” And…maybe you have gone liberal that you are asking yourself these questions at such a tender age (your grandaughter’s). LOL Hope you have a great time with Emma and don’t get too tired. That is the one thing i do know: I greatly enjoy my time with my grandson but man, does he wear me out! But then again…I don’t mind being worn out.

    • thank god! someone who is touched with the feeling of my infirmity!

      seriously, bill, i can’t believe how quivery i’ve become since i joined the grandparent fraternity. it’s embarrassing and cool simultaneously.

  3. Randy,

    I know exactly where you are coming from. I have learned to try to align my ‘feelings’ with instruction from the Word.. sometimes that is hard to do and it comes down to much prayer and waiting on the Holy Spirit to lead me.

    As far as Vegas… I have to remember what Rome must have looked like in Paul’s time and yet many Christians were there as well.

    • great advice, tony, and that’s what i try hard to do. isn’t it funny, tho, how strong that little voice in our heads (“is that you, mom?”) can be?

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