gripping thoughts from john 2 – part two

is it just me, or does this phrase strike anyone else as odd:

Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. (John 2:2)

this is just not the jesus i learned about growing up.  the jesus i know (and am quite comfortable with, thank you) would never go near a wedding.  i mean, there’s laughing and drinking and dancing at weddings.  and if by some freakish turn of events “my jesus” found himself at a wedding, he would be firmly planted in the corner with arms folded, a judgmental scowl on his face, shaking his head in disapproval.  he would be watching for any hint of fun and if it looked like fun might break out, he would either 1.) cry out in a loud voice “watch and pray!” or 2.) whip out a notebook and make a list of names which would be reported to his father for possible expungement from the book of life.

is it possible that the jesus of my upbringing is not the bible jesus?

i mean, why would anyone invite THAT jesus to a party?  but the bible plainly says that “Jesus…had been invited.”  somebody knew the real jesus (like from back in their old neighborhood) and wanted him at this party (oh, and feel free to bring your little followers along, too).  why do you suppose that was?

we insult jesus when we paint him as a sober, sanctimonious fun marshall.  and we do the kingdom a terrible disservice when we intimate that being a christ-follower is somehow burdensome and/or boring.   and the people who convinced me that he was…who taught them that?  is the idea of a christ-follower having fun–even in church (gasp!)–somehow sacreligious?

the truth of that matter is that jesus is the most winsome and joyful person who has ever lived.  little children followed him like the pied piper.  he promised (and i have verified) that connection with him would provide complete joy.  he promised his committed followers a fulfilling, abundant, exciting life.  make no mistake, if there is anyone you would want to be sure to invite to a feast or celebration, it would be jesus. 

jesus is not the joy police.  jesus is the life of the party.


4 thoughts on “gripping thoughts from john 2 – part two

  1. Randy: great post! I tire quickly of people who try to put Jesus into a box and say he didn’t have fun or the other way “Following Him takes the fun out of life.” I personally believe that Jesus laughed a lot. I know He was serious when he needed to be but I have this sneaking suspicion that he laughed loud and hard with His disciples. I just can’t picture him at a wedding with a frown and when asked to turn the water into wine looking crossly at him mom and wagging his finger.

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