tony york is real

i had a lovely dinner last friday evening, with tony york and his family.  i can testify unequivocally that tony york does indeed exist.  the yorks were on a once-in-a-lifetime roadtrip from their home in columbus, ohio (a place they tried to make be believe is a cross between xanadu and nirvana) through the great destinations of the western united states (rushmore, yellowstone, grand canyon, oklahoma city).  tony’s wife and daughters were delightful and i really enjoyed getting to know the yorks.  tony is very bright (as you know if you read his blog) and i relished the opportunity to compare doctrinal views with him.

surprisingly, i wasn’t surprised.

since i embarked on this blogging experiment, i have learned way more than i had ever expected.  when i sat down with tony, i felt like i already knew him and that surprised me.  i asked him about things he had written, and he inquired about things he had seen on my blog.  the fascinating part of the conversation (to me, anyway) was to discover how his views came to be.  i learned about his parents and his upbringing. i heard about how tony and heather met and the early years of their marriage.  i discerned tony’s passion as he talked about finding a church that teaches the word where he could entrust his family.  it was fascinating to converse with a man i felt like i knew, but whom i’d met only a few minutes earlier,

while i’m still not sure where this medium will take us and what it’s value may eventually prove to be, i am grateful for the friends i’ve made in the blogosphere.  i eagerly look forward to my next visit with tony york, and i am excited to meet other bloggy buddies, should our paths happen to cross.

if you come to oklahoma city, i’ll buy you a cheeseburger.


5 thoughts on “tony york is real

  1. Randy: like you I met Tony through my blog/his blog (who knows). Anyway, my wife and I have a grandson (and his mom & dad) who live in Powell, a suburb of Columbus. We had the privilege of meeting Tony & Heather for lunch one day and have talked about doing it again. We were supposed to meet yesterday on their way through but our schedule would not permit it. He/they are delightful people. I look forward to seeing them again when we head over Ohio way. And since I don’t eat red meat, will chicken be ok? 🙂

    • and while we’re at this… if any of you come to geita, tanzania, my wife and i will put you up in our home and cook for you. but no cheeseburgers probably.

  2. Randy,

    We arrived safely back in Xanadu last evening around 5pm. We were honored and delighted to spend time with you over dinner last Friday evening… next time, the meal is on us and we would love to meet your wife.

    It was a real joy for me to have a break in the travel to sit down and discuss matters of faith, life, and common interests. One day, I hope my wife will let me own a motorcycle again (I don’t understand those guys like Bill who won’t agree that motorized is better 🙂 ) and then maybe I can hit the open road through the south. Could you ask them to cool it down a degree or twenty though? The heat in Oklahoma City was a shock to the system after having been snowed on in Montana. 🙂

    Thanks for being one of the many blessings that we experienced on our trip through the west !!

  3. Randy

    It was a true blessing to meet you, and spend time with you. I want to thank you for your hospitality and look forward to having you and your wife this way some day.

    I agree please take the temp down a notch in the city. LOL

    P. S. Tony doesnt need a motorcycle–he needs a new boat.

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