questions: cheering or chilling? (part 2)

i just have a few minutes this evening, but i wanted to quickly share another one of the questions we had texted (is that a word?) in last weekend…

“is fearing death a sign that you don’t trust god enough?”

i answered, “yes.”  how would you answer?


4 thoughts on “questions: cheering or chilling? (part 2)

  1. I would have to agree with you. I think Philippians 1.21 states it best when Paul writes to live is Christ but to die is gain. Or as I have also heard that to a Christian, this world is the only hell they will ever know, but to a non believer, this world is the only heaven they will ever know.

  2. sure, fear of death can be a sign of a lack of trust in God. i’d offer that it generally is — but i’m not sure i’d make that statement a firm, blanket one. i suppose it’s possible that someone might be afraid of death because they’ll lose the chance to help others (probably more likely a particular and certain other) know Christ. i have someone like that in my life. i don’t know if fear is actually what i feel, but something similar to it.

    though i would add, somewhat in jest, that while fear of death may be a sign of a lack of trust, fear of the pain involved in that death probably isn’t.

  3. The two responses before mine have already brought great points to your discussion.

    Paul gives the most elegant response to this subject in Philippians 1. However, I wonder if 2 Timothy doesn’t capture some loving heart-longings toward Timothy because he has prepared for his impending departure from life. While not fear, there definitely appears to be emotion attached to the parting.

    We also have scripture that says ‘O grave where is thy victory? O death where is thy sting?’

    The actual point of death is not to be feared for those who are alive in Christ. Torture, trials, of struggles before death that bring pain could definitely bring some fear. I don’t know that Paul ever looked forward to being beat, stoned, ship-wrecked or snake-bitten. He praised God through them all because they advanced the gospel but I am sure he would have been just as happy to not have the additional scars if given an alternative.

  4. by they way… our summer plans are coming together and it appears we will be driving through Oklahoma City on Friday, June 25th… maybe we will get the opportunity to meet up.

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