pete wilson is jesus-ish

i’m a huge pete wilson fan.  i’ve never met the man: in fact, i’ve never even heard him preach.  but i have read his blog.

i might add that i am in the middle of a long-term relationship crisis with the bride of christ.  to me (and this is just me), she is at best fickle, and at worst a cheap whore.  i have issues with most of her current attitudes and methods, and i’m dubious about the integrity of many (perhaps most) of her leaders.  all the more reason to appreciate pete’s strange character quirk.

he seems to be truly humble.

on his blog, pete is very forthcoming about his shortcomings.  he has publicly confessed his struggles with pride, fear, ambition, parenting, expectations, and lust (among other things).  and this from a guy whom thousands of people follow (real and virtual).  still, pete is one of those guys who is extremely approachable.  i’ve seen his comments on the blogs of many “unknowns” (like me).  i’ve never noticed him being the slightest bit arrogant or condescending. this is why pete wilson is different from me (and probably you).

he is humble.  and pretty.

this afternoon i was perusing through the blogs i read every day.  tim stevens referenced an article in which tim schrader listed ten things that drive him crazy about working at a church.  stevens freely admitted that he has only “worked for one church for 15 years” and, obviously, granger is a great church.  i have to confess, though, that as i read through stevens’ responses to tim schrader’s list, i entertained some disdainful thoughts.  it looked to me like tim was saying, “we don’t have the problems at granger that all these other churches have…all these substandard churches.”  i know my attitude was unwarranted and sinful, but i’m telling you how i felt.

pete’s blog was next on my list.  his subject was parenting, and pete shared a letter from a 17-year old reader, heather stevens, who was telling what a great job her parents had done raising her.  heather’s dad is (you guessed it) tim stevens.  while i’m dealing with the residual effects of an evil attitude, pete is honoring the guy i have violated.  naturally, i see god all over this–he is constantly training me–but he seems to use pete wilson profusely.  if you’re not reading pete wilson’s blog, you oughta’ be.

pete wilson is totally jesus-ish.


3 thoughts on “pete wilson is jesus-ish

  1. I’ve been called a lot of thing before but “Jesus-ish” is not one of them. However, when I think about the goal of my life, that’s it. Above all else I would love to be found “Jesus-ish”. It doesn’t happen often but I’m striving for it.

    Thanks Randy. I appreciate you and the journey you’re on. I hope we do get to meet one day.

  2. randy, i also enjoy reading pete’s blog. though i have to admit… at least half the reason is that his profile pic looks just like dana carvey’s church lady.

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