the empty promises of mist

i have been undone ever since i saw matt chandler’s video.  more than anything else, i am freshly challenged to continue to pry myself open before god.  it feels like that the more i perceive, the more i try to hide.  the more i receive, the more conflicted i become.

matt chandler reminded me to measure carefully what matters and what doesn’t.

the fact is that, except for kingdom purposes, life does not matter.  this existence (james describes it as a mist) is gestation…preparation for “life.”   and we (the church) know that and believe that.   why, then, are we so intent on making this “mist” better?  why are we so ambitious and self-absorbed and neurotic?  why are we so in love with luxury and comfort and convenience?  i am sick to death of me (my agendas…my appetites).  i am disgusted by my yearning for validation and my need for recognition.  and my incessant striving.

by god’s grace, i am dying.  my vigorous, rapacious flesh continues to seek an audience, but it’s power over me is diminishing.  by faith, i have adopted a new set of values and aspirations.  if i may be so bold as to borrow the words of matt chandler, “he’s enough.”


One thought on “the empty promises of mist

  1. Great words Randy. I can’t say much else. I mean I guess it is up to me to decide to take that to heart. We so often have ourselves as the #1 person to look for. When we are happy we often praise God, when we are sad we often blame God. So many (including me sometimes) just want to be safe and use God as an insurence plan. When we, as God’s people, start praising Him in the storm as well as the sun, we will start to see the world change.

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