am i qualified to be reliable?

i’ve noticed a recent development that seems to me both potentially profitable and possibly problematic (wow!  i find myself writing like rod parsley talks!).

there are a number of my blog heroes (randy elrod, tony morgan, tim stevens and the staff at granger to name a few) who are making themselves available for personal coaching.  as i believe that mentoring is one of the most effective, biblical, and neglected ways to expand the kingdom, i applaud the efforts of these great leaders.

that is the exciting part of this equation.

this trend is problematic, though, in the sense that there is a chance that the most gifted and most needy young leaders among us may miss out on these incredible opportunities.  and how does one go about “qualifying” to be mentored?  is personal coaching simply available to those able to pay their registration fee (and i have no problem with these leaders/organizations charging for their expertise) and/or travel to a particular location?  is this a case of “the rich get richer”?

paul wrote to timothy: the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” (2 timothy 2:2)

how long does it take to know whether or not someone is “reliable”?  and if we should seek out “qualified” people to mentor, what type of vetting process is required?

ben arment, an impassioned visionary i’ve long admired from afar, describes his offering:

Dream Year is a 12-month process that’s designed to help you bring your God-given dream to life.

You bring the dream.

I’ll be your dream coach.

As a community of just 20 participants…

We’ll make it happen.

to his credit, ben addresses the “is this person reliable and qualified” question with an extensive application.  and he addresses “the rich get richer” dilemma by offering scholarships.  and geography is not an obstacle because “dream year” takes place in an online environment.  but does it meet the requirements of 2 timothy 2:2?  can real mentoring happen online?  and does it take longer than a year?

the movement with which i am affiliated is credentialing people at an unprecedented rate (will drive-in ordination be next?) and is furiously seeking more candidates.  does kingdom expansion automatically happen by virtue of having more ministers?  and beyond formal training, who is teaching these new “preachers” compassion?  and servanthood?  and abandonment?



One thought on “am i qualified to be reliable?

  1. Randy, I sure can’t speak to the individuals’ qualifications you mentioned in your post, but I can say something about your qualifications.

    Although we have never met face-to-face, your willingness to dialogue with an old un-churched sojourner and with compassion and sensitivity speaks to your reliability and qualifications to mentor.

    I suspect you are a very good “populist pastor” (where the rubber meets the road) and people are relying on your very good wisdom of living in their daily lives.

    I look forward to your posts, always reflect on what you write and ,yes, you are doing it (at least for me) online.

    May you and your family and your extended church family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and day of thanksgiving.

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