to tweet, or not to tweet

i feel a rant coming on.  and it’s no small rant, either.  i feel a week-long, angst-emptying, gripe-filled rant welling up within me.  and it is very simple for me to trace this rant back to its origin…

david suggested i twitter.

both of my faithful readers will know my young friend, david, as the one who duped me into engaging into this questionable and noxious habit of blogging.  he assured me that digital communication was the future of ministry and, in my pitiful efforts to cling to viability, i succumbed to his siren song.  and, a year-and-a-half later, here i am.

my readers will also know that i am tech averse.  and i’m not against technology, per se.  it’s not that i see some sinister force hiding behind every firewall (and how did “cookie” ever become a bad thing?), it’s just that i have chosen to stop.  i am as vested in the digital world as i’m ever going to be.  i’ve drawn a line.  and that line is texting.

i still have people who approach me on a regular basis and, in an irritated tone, they say, “I sent you a text…why didn’t you respond?”  and what i hear is, “what, you’re too busy to communicate with me?  am i not important enough to merit your attention? you’re not rick warren, you know.”  when i answer, “my phone does not receive text messages”  i get this “are you kidding me?” look.  “and you’re supposed to be a leader?  join the rest of us in the twenty-first century, fred flintstone.”


like i said, i’m not suggesting that technology is a bad thing–i’ve just opted out.  i’m not possessed of the required intellectually agility.  i have a room-temperature i.q.  my friends (friends?) tell me that i should, at all costs, avoid any battle of wits as i would enter the battle unarmed.  and i contend that there are scores of people like me (near-seniors; members of the silver-hair society; aarp cardholders; targets of the viagra makers; wilford brimley fans; etc) who would prefer a cell phone that doesn’t take video.  can we please check our email without being forced to learn another language?  can we surf the internet with feeling the pressure to join some social network?

i have been considering david’s suggestion.  a lot.  god knows i want to be as effective as i can be for the kingdom.  but the process has revealed all sorts of unseemly issues. i’ll write about those tomorrow.

check back.


One thought on “to tweet, or not to tweet

  1. Thank God you didn’t “opt out” at some previous other tech breakthroughs. i.e. The bathroom Ventilation fan. Altoids.

    I can hear it now. Some guy 30 years ago mocking people using the Tandy computers. Spouting profanities saying, “Long live the typewriter.”

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