another donald millerism

please forgive me for dashing off a couple of quick, uninspired lines.  after all, it is wednesday (if you are unsympathetic to my plight and cannot see why the fact that “it is wednesday” might be a problem for me, ask your pastor to explain it to you).

yesterday i wrote about my foray into a million miles in a thousand years by donald miller.  specifically, i shared his perspective on the human propensity to “seek comfort and order” and to “fear change.”   today i want to share another of miller’s takes on the human condition. 

donald miller tells the story of visiting a friend who runs an outdoor school in canada where “the men tended to bond like brothers and respect each other and treat each other with dignity.”  throughout his stay, miller observed the men in all kinds of crazy, high-risk, outdoorsy-type activities.  when he asked his friend about it, his friend reminded him “that men don’t bond unless they risk their lives together, and that Canadians enjoy free health care.”

i love the lesson miller takes from his experience.  he writes…

“After visiting (my friend), I realized how much of our lives are spent trying to avoid conflict.  Half the commercials on television are selling us something that will make life easier.  Part of me wonders if our stories aren’t being stolen by the easy life.”

i feel pretty certain that the gospel is not “the easy life.”


One thought on “another donald millerism

  1. Along this same line. I just watched on the NYTimes website the story of the journalist who was held captive by the Taliban for 7 months. Every Christian in the world should watch it. The Taliban fighters believe and have faith. It is just faith in the wrong thing.

    They say “Americans are focused on this life. We are focused on the afterlife.”

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