it’s the book club from hell

booksi don’t know why i do it, but i always do.

when i get a new book (especially one i’ve been eagerly anticipating), i immediately open it and read the first few pages.  i might be about to go into a meeting, or driving home from work, or wrestling croccodiles, or performing surgery, but i simply cannot resist.  it’s like a psychological disorder.  when i get a new book, i just have to “break the seal” as it were.  consequently, i am always struggling with two opposing problems: 1.) after the first few pages i put it aside “for later” because it didn’t immediately address my current state of affairs or capture my interest, or 2.) i hungrily devour it until it is finished.

is anyone else currently reading a dozen books at once?

as i write this i am in real trouble.  yesterday, my barnes & noble order arrived (amazon is much faster, by the way) with miller’s new book, “a million miles in a thousand years” and “the  hole in our gospel” by richard stearns.  a few days ago i was walking through sam’s club and saw pat conroy’s new release “south of broad,” so i surrendered to my impulses and bought it.  my buddy, david, came by the house the other night and dropped off a copy of “forgotten god” by francis chan.

bottom line:  i can’t decide if this is heaven or hell.  pray for me, saints.


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