wanna’ get crazy?

in bible study last night we discussed a puzzling passage in mark 3. it seems that jesus had returned to his home base in capernaum (where he had recently healed a great many people) and, just like the last time, the house where he was staying was mobbed.  so much so, the bible says, that jesus and his disciples weren’t even able to eat (i don’t know if i’ve ever been that crowded).

here’s the puzzling part.  mark 3:21 says, “When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, ‘He is out of his mind.’”  we talked about it as a group, but we really couldn’t get why his family–supposedly the people that knew him best and loved him most–thought he was crazy.  what had they heard?  and why the drastic action?

then i remember hearing francis chan recently talking about how the greatest source of discouragement in his life was other believers.  when chan talks about laying his life down and sacrificing all for the sake of the kingdom, it’s not pagans who resist his message.  it’s other christians.  “calm down francis,” they say, “don’t be so radical…this life you’re describing is just crazy.”

i want to live a life of total abandonment.   i want to be so kingdom-centered that people with earth values think i’m crazy.  i want the people close to me to say, “randy is completely out of touch with real life…perhaps we should have him committed.”

i want to be like jesus.


3 thoughts on “wanna’ get crazy?

  1. Randy, interesting post. This particular story of Jesus’ family is not unusual in our time. I have read stories of young members of families running off and joining very ferverent religious groups (family says cult) and family members coming and getting them and then having them “deprogramed”.

    I do not think you have to be a “nut case” to live by Jesus’ two commandments; love God and love your neighbor. An example I am personally aware of:

    a 76 year old man started stopping at a local motel and reading their lobby newspapers there for guests and also drank a cup of their free coffee; the lady serving the complimentary breakfast for the guests thought he was homeless so she boxed up some breakfast and two more cups of coffee for him to take with him. He takes the boxed up breakfast and the two cups of coffee and drives to the nursing home where his 94 year old mother-in-law resides and shares a good warm breakfast and cup of coffee with her.

    That in my view is living life with total abandonment; Might add the lady’s family first response to this was “you could lose your job doing that”!

    Both of these people are living their best life now!

  2. Love this post!!

    Simon Says wasn’t a complicated game. Neither was follow the leader. But ironically, American church has nothing but problems with those two games.

    “Go into all of the world and make disciples.” “Love your enemies.” “Give up ownership of everything.” “Quit worrying about money and politics.” All commands church people refuse to do.

    Fact: World changers (heck family changers) require a commitment level that will brand you a freak. They are mutually exclusive. Jesus said you either love me all the way or I don’t want you.

  3. It must have been sad when your own family does not believe in you.It is sad that Jesus was rejected by his own place of birth Nazareth.We think that we have problems when others reject us.

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