an open letter to evangelicals

tea_party_signs_02-1to all my fellow politically-engaged church people:

stop freaking out.  please.

or, if you would rather have a prophetic word from god: “thus saith the lord, ‘freak ye not out’.”

look, i don’t know whether or not president obama is the antichrist and, frankly, i don’t care.  i’m pretty sure that most politicians are greedy and dishonest, and i’m confident that government spending is out of control.  but why does that surprise you?  why are you so angry?  didn’t you read matthew 24 and 2 timothy 3?  didn’t you understand that all this is supposed to happen?

and what do you want me to do?

march?  picket?  vote the bums out?  what if our elected representatives are placed where they are by god himself? if i resist them, then, am i resisting god?  what if god orchestrated all of this as an “end time sign” (as he promised)?  what if president obama is the man god wants in office at this moment in history?  i’m pretty sure the bible still says, “…the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes” (daniel 4:32b).  this teeming, overt anger does not honor christ.

and, by the way, glenn beck is entertaining and compelling but he is not my leader. jesus is.

finally, let’s assume for a moment that current events ARE pointing to the second coming of christ.  of all people, shouldn’t bible-believing christians be the last ones to panic?  shouldn’t we be rejoicing rather than reacting?  shouldn’t we be filled with anticipation rather than anxiety?  after all, paul tells us that an eternal crown is waiting for all of us who “who have longed for his appearing”  (2 timothy 4:8).  if i “long for his appearing,” won’t i be excited about current events that point to the end of time?

my future is secure.  so is my joy.  i’m not looking to washington for deliverance.


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