it’s not about politics

as i’ve mentioned before, i’ve got the homepage on my browser set to  normally, it works out great.  every time i open my browser, i get to check the headlines.  sometimes, though, i’m convinced i need a homepage that’s much more sedate.

today, a headline screamed out at me, “secret service investigates pastor.”  my curiosity piqued, i watched the video and it sickened me.  i am literally grieving.  here’s the link if you want to take time to watch it.

and this is not about politics.  not at all

i cannot imagine that this “pastor” reads the same bible that i read.  a man so filled with hatred and invective cannot possibly consider himself a legitimate representative of jesus.  the jesus of scripture is famous for his compassion and forbearance.  he was known for being meek and kind…the “prince of peace.” 

this video reminded me of the hate group in wichita that also tries to pass themselves off as christ followers.  the unchurched world doesn’t know how to differentiate between pat robertson and fred phelps.  to them, we’re all mindless bible-thumpers.

we’re supposed to be identifiable by our love, not our political position.

if you consider yourself a christian please do me a favor (and i speak for no one but myself): shut up.  take a breath.  withdraw from the altercation.  i’m not saying that you shouldn’t have opinion, or that you don’t have a right to express your views, just leave jesus out of it. 

he said he came to usher in a new kingdom…not reform the old one.


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