the mental capacity of a christian

there seems to be a hangover (and that in the best possible context) from my recent conversation with aspiring church-planter, nick rogers.  nick is a gifted, passionate young man with a bright future…if we can just figure out where.  i’ve had several conversations (phone, email, live) since i wrote about my meeting with nick in this space, and there is apparently more that needs to be said.  so i will. 

first, though, let me ask a question of you, my uncommonly brilliant readers.jeff lucas

jeff lucas came into my life several years ago and proceeded to screw me up.  he introduced a fresh perspective on the kingdom and since then “church” has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  in fact, i believe if we (the church) could accurately define the word “church,” then church as we know it would quickly become the revolutionary force jesus meant for it to be (and no, it’s not simply a matter of semantics…it is foundational to what we believe about the kingdom).

jeff has visited our fellowship on many occasions and the things jeff has said to me over a cup of coffee have helped me more than i can say.  if you know jeff lucas, you know that he is eminently quotable.  i want to share one thing he said and get your thoughts.  from the pulpit at our local fellowship, jeff said, “most christians would rather die than think.”

i want you to respond to that statement.  what do you think he was trying to say?

let the conversation commence!


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