lessons learned in traffic

someone recently said to me, “the traffic in branson is not as bad as it used to be.”  they lied.

it’s hard to describe branson, missouri to someone who’s never been there.  it’s kinda’ like vegas for people who go to gaither concerts.  all the restaurants and attractions are located on “the strip” that runs through the center of town, and it is virtually unavoidable.  inexplicably, it is a two lane road that is always clogged.  perpetual stop-and-go, bumper-to-bumper traffic.

what a way to spend a vacation!

one morning while my family and i were waiting in this morass, i noticed a troubling trend.  a few drivers got the idea that it might be more convenient for them to simply drive in the center turn lane.  here are two lanes of traffic, backed up in both directions for as far as the eye can see, and someone thinks to himself, “i’m far too important to wait in traffic like these other dolts…i’m going to drive in the center lane.”  and, behold, they did.

worse than their rude behavior, however, was the darkness in my heart.  why would i get upset if someone chose to be rude?  how did their actions harm me?  i confess that i thought evil thoughts toward them, and imagined all types of scenarios in which i might “teach them a lesson” (open my door in front of them, shout appropriate words of encouragement, etc.).  how small am i?

even on vacation, the lord is still dealing with my frail flesh.


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